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A One-Stop Location for All of Your Family’s Dental Needs

At Rose Rock Dental, we believe that visiting the dentist should be convenient, comfortable and actually enjoyable! We also think that getting complete family dental care from one location is something all patients deserve. Whether you seek routine cleanings or more complex surgical treatment, you can always count on us to offer the affordable solutions your family needs to enjoy lasting, confident smiles. From toddlers to grandparents, our team is proud to continually deliver care that is both extremely effective and patient-centered, right from the convenience of our Norman, OK, dentist office.

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Additional Services at Rose Rock Dental

We are pleased to offer additional and comprehensive dental services to treat a wide range of oral conditions, for patients of all ages. Our additional services include:

Visiting the dentist for routine care is key to keeping a healthy smile! Our preventive dentistry services help Norman, OK, patients avoid gum disease and tooth decay, and include cleanings, exams, x-rays, fluoride treatments, sealants, athletic mouthguards and personalized homecare instructions.

Each dentist in our office is committed to identifying oral cancer as early as possible. We perform routine oral pathology exams to screen for abnormal or suspicious sores, lesions, lumps or bumps in and around the mouth.

In some cases, decayed or broken teeth need less coverage than a crown but more than what a regular filling can provide. Inlays and onlays are lab-crafted restorations made of porcelain or other high-quality material. Inlays sit within the grooves of a tooth, whereas onlays cover the chewing surface and at least one cusp tip.

If you have dental fear or anxiety, our sedation dentistry services will put you right at ease! We offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide, and can combine these sedation options with our gentle anesthetic technique to ensure your comfort during treatment.

Our doctors have advanced training in orthodontic care, including traditional braces, and can correct common problems like bite misalignment, crowding, spaces and rotated teeth. We make getting a straight, functional smile convenient for patients of all ages!

Teeth grinding (bruxism) wears down teeth and filings, impacts the TMJ and contributes to gum recession, among other conditions. Let our team minimize your teeth grinding habit with custom-fit nightguards, occlusal adjustment and BOTOX® procedures. 

TMJ disorders can cause debilitating jaw pain, headaches and other symptoms. Our team provides effective TMJ therapy with palliative care and custom nightguards.

Even the youngest members of your family can visit our practice for complete dental care! We provide comprehensive pediatric dentistry services, such as cleanings, exams, fluoride, sealants, mouthguards and orthodontics, along with fillings, crowns, and pulpotomies.

Our dentists treat decayed and damaged teeth with tooth-colored composite fillings. Composite blends naturally with your teeth and is less invasive to place than silver amalgam.

Teeth that have significant decay, infection or damage often require root canals. Our gentle root canal procedures cleanse and sterilize internal portions of a tooth, and rebuild the tooth from within using a special filling material.

When you need to see a dentist for an emergency situation, our caring team is always here to help! We treat all types of dental emergencies, including broken or abscessed teeth, tooth avulsions (knocked-out teeth), and dislodged restorations, among others, and will see you as soon as possible to treat your needs.

Sleep apnea is a serious medical concerns for millions of patients. Our doctors can help reduce snoring and sleep apnea with custom oral appliance therapy.

Uneven chewing surfaces can lead to TMJ problems, teeth grinding habits and oral discomfort. With an occlusal adjustment, our doctors gently reshape the biting surfaces of back teeth until the upper and lower teeth meet together properly.

Our dentists are trained and certified in administering BOTOX for cosmetic enhancement of the face, to treat recurring migraines and to provide relief from painful TMJ disorders. Ask our team about combining BOTOX treatment with your routine or restorative dental services!

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Choose a Dentist Who Puts You First

As a comprehensive practice, we stand apart from other Norman, OK, dentists. Each dentist and team member treats every patient who walks through our doors like a member of our own family, and strives to create a practice environment that feels just like home. We make every effort to complete your care in a few appointments as possible, and offer a wide range of affordable services for all members of your family. This saves you convenience and reduces time spent in the dental chair. No matter your needs or goals for your smile, our caring team will always put you first!

Get the comprehensive dental care your family needs from a trusted, patient-centered dentist!

Get the comprehensive dental care your family needs from a trusted, patient-centered dentist!

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