Reshape the Gum Line for a Beautifully Balanced Smile

Crown Lengthening Restores Cosmetic Appeal And Function

Crown lengthening is laser procedure our doctors use to increase cosmetic appeal of the smile or enable functional improvements within the mouth. This simple treatment gently removes excess gum tissue from around one or more teeth, to reveal greater surface area of the tooth structure. For some Norman, OK, patients, esthetic crown lengthening is the ideal solution for reversing the look of a “gummy smile.” Other patients benefit from functional crown lengthening, which our skilled doctors perform to enable restoration of a tooth and treat other oral health concerns. No matter your crown lengthening needs, our team is here to make you feel right at home with our gentle, caring approach!

Functional Crown Lengthening Facilitates Oral Health Improvement

We perform functional crown lengthening to enable a range of oral health improvements for Norman, OK, patients. Decay or damage occurring at or below the gum line often is difficult to treat. With a functional crown lengthening procedure, our doctors can remove gum (and sometimes bone) tissue in the area to enable access for restoring the tooth with a filling or crown. This increases the surface area to which a restoration can adhere. Functional crown lengthening may also be performed to reduce gum tissue for the purpose of enabling better cleaning below the gum line, or to enhance the success of orthodontic treatment plans.

Correct A Gummy Smile With Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Esthetic crown lengthening is a simple cosmetic dentistry solution we offer to help our patients achieve attractive, confident smiles. Patients who have a “gummy smile,” teeth that appear short teeth or an uneven gum line may be ideal candidates for esthetic crown lengthening. We use our advanced dental laser to gently remove excess gum tissue and reshape the gum line around teeth appearing in the smile zone. This procedure increases the amount of exposed tooth surface to create better balance between the teeth and gums. With laser crown lengthening, the cosmetic results are immediate! The use of laser also requires no incisions or sutures, improves patient comfort and offers a minimal recovery period.

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