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Full arch dental implants are a fixed alternative to conventional dentures

A Full Arch Solution for Enjoying Life After Tooth Loss

As amazing as the benefits of All-on-4 are, the process is extremely complex, requiring expertise from highly-qualified specialists who have extensive training and experience in implant dentistry. To produce long-lasting, aesthetic, and functioning outcomes for our patients, our dentists must meticulously plan treatment and use advanced technology of CBCT scans to aid us in precisely and accurately placing Dental Implants.

We also invest in only the highest quality implant and restoration materials proven to be successful and durable long term, to both withstand biting and chewing forces and provide natural, aesthetic results. Dr. Humphrey and Dr. Byrne are highly skilled at creating and fabricating personalized, high-quality restorations for our full arch patients. They provide conversions and follow-up care right here in our Norman, OK office.  All these steps are critical to ensuring the long-term success of your full arch implants, but before any restorations can be attached, we must ensure the success of the actual implant surgery.

Why Choose Us for Full Arch Dental Implants?

As a comprehensive practice, we can complete the entire full arch dental implants procedure in our office, from start to finish. Our doctors often perform tooth extractions and full arch dental implants surgery the same day, and can prepare the jaw for implant success with bone grafting techniques if needed. We use CBCT advanced imaging to plan the exact placement of your implants, and guided implant surgical techniques to ensure a minimally invasive procedure and precise results. These techniques combined with our patient-focused approach makes replacing missing teeth with full arch dental implants streamlined, comfortable and life-changing.

Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants

  • Strong, stable bite
  • Natural-looking
  • Enhanced speech
  • Maintain facial profile
  • Better quality living
  • Permanent with proper care

How Full Arch Dental Implants Work

Full arch dental implants combine a series of four to six implants and a full arch set of lifelike replacement teeth. Our doctors strategically position these implants within the jawbone and attach a temporary prosthetic. Over the next four to six months, these implants integrate fully with the bone, resulting in incomparable stability for your new smile. Permanent replacement teeth are then affixed securely to full arch dental implants for extremely stable biting function and long-term tooth replacement. With proper care and maintenance, your full arch dental implants can serve your oral health and smile for life!

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