Saliva is More Than You Thought

Saliva is More Than You Thought

The day we are born, we inherit as a biological component of saliva. While saliva, commonly referred to as spit, tends to be thought of as gross, it is a major part of our life. Saliva is hardly thought about in a positive light, but we should bring it to the forefront because of it’s helpful properties. Saliva is made up of proteins, enzymes, mucin, and electrolytes, but majority of the composition is water. We have many salivary glands, making it continue to reproduce, and without saliva, we would not be as healthy. There are three main salivary glands, and they are located in the jaw, cheeks, and floor of the mouth. One major part of saliva that people may not know is that it helps us taste! The ADA credits saliva as important because it: o Defends against cavities o Washes away food debris o Allows you to taste and swallow o And keeps your teeth strong Of course all of these things are detrimental to our oral hygiene and health, and without saliva we would constantly be sick and not enjoying our food and drink. Without saliva, we would also risk having decayed teeth and bad breath because the left-over food debris would not be washed away. It can be said, that saliva is a natural mouthwash, ensuring your mouth is continuously rinsed. Saliva also helps to not speed up the production of bacteria. Bad bacteria in the mouth also causes serious problems such as tooth decay and gum diseases. While saliva can be taboo to speak about, it is such an essential part of our lives. If you are feeling parched and do not believe you are producing as much saliva as you should be, seek dental help. Dry mouth is a serious condition that should be taken care of at the earliest signs of symptoms. If you would like to understand more affects saliva has on our life, or are suffering from under production of saliva, it is important to contact your doctor. Your doctor and their team of specialists will be able to inform you of any details you may be wondering about, or will be able to provide appropriate treatments.

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