The Rarity: Dental Implant Failure

The Rarity: Dental Implant Failure

When undergoing any surgery, there is a risk for failure. Many doctors preface the risks prior to the surgery, but most of the time the occurrence of failure is extremely rare. Like any surgery, dental implants may fail, but failure is severely unlikely. The possibility of a dental implant failure can often be determined before the implant takes place, lessening the risk of it occurring after the surgery. The times dental implants are available to fail are because of your oral health. If you are experiencing insufficient jawbone density or gum recession, your risk becomes higher. Failure can also occur if incorrect force is applied during or after the implant, or if there is contamination of the implant site. These causes of dental implant failure can be reduced by using a fully qualified dental surgeon who will assess the implant site correctly and follow proper, sterile procedures during surgery. Afterwards, it is up to the patient to follow all advice given on caring for their implants. If you are among the patients who do not have excellent bone density or receding gums, there are procedures you can go through prior to the surgery, to ensure a more successful implant placement. Bone grafting and soft tissue grafting are treatments your doctor may recommend if you suffer from the above issues. This is when your oral surgeon will either take bone or soft tissue from another location, and carefully place the material into the infected location. This will ensure your bone density to be stronger, and your gums to be strong. The most likely cause of implant failure is if unrecognized bacteria already existed in the implant site when the implant was placed. Rejection can occur occasionally and is usually known by inflamed gums around the implant site. If you are a teeth-grinder, this may also cause dental implant issues, but with this knowledge your dentist should be able to supply a guard to protect against this. Contact your doctor for more information if you would like more information and statistics on dental implant failure. It is important to understand that failure is extremely low, and your dentist should provide any prior care and treatments before the implant placement.

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