Advanced Laser Care for Gingivectomy and Frenectomy Services

A Minimally Invasive Laser Approach to Soft Tissue Needs

At Rose Rock Dental, our caring team takes the least invasive approach to delivering exceptional outcomes for your smile. And as a comprehensive practice, we proudly offer soft tissue treatments to meet the oral health needs of our family of patients. Gingivectomy and frenectomy procedures are common soft tissue services we perform using our gentle, highly specific dental laser. Our soft tissue laser affords a minimally invasive approach and cauterizes tissue as it works to treat oral conditions. With laser, we can avoid using incisions and sutures, minimize bleeding and drastically speed recovery time for gingivectomy and frenectomy procedures. Our advanced soft tissue laser is gentle enough for even the youngest of patients!

gum disease

Gingivectomy Procedures for Better Gum Health

A gingivectomy is a soft tissue treatment we use to remove infected, bulging, granulated or excess gum tissue from around teeth. These gum conditions may result from several sources, including gum disease, certain medications, orthodontic movement and poor oral hygiene. To perform a gingivectomy, we use our precision laser to gently reduce and reshape affected gum tissues, resculpting the gum line for improved oral health and appearance. In cases of gum disease, a gingivectomy may be used to reduce periodontal pocket depths and make cleaning below the gum line easier for the patient. Recovery time from a laser gingivectomy is minimal and the results are immediate. 

Reverse Lip-Ties and Tongues-Ties with a Simple Frenectomy

We provide laser frenectomy procedures for Norman, OK, patients who have lip- or tongue-ties that may be interfering with speech, biting and chewing function, or the ability to wear a denture comfortably. This treatment may also be used to allow a gap between the two front teeth to close more easily. A frenectomy is a quick, simple procedure that releases a short or tight frenum, or the muscle attachment connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth and lips to the gum tissues. Frenectomies effectively increase range of oral movement, general comfort and cosmetic appearance. By using our dental laser, we can perform a frenectomy comfortably and often without the need for anesthetic.

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